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There are other theories that compete with Pro Skate-Balance.

You may have heard about the various profiling, contouring or radius

methods that exist. Players on the professional level sometimes prefer

one competing method while another player may prefer another competing

method. Not to mention that the team's Equipment Manager may think a

third method is best for his players.

We have 99.9% compliance on team rosters that have tried our method.


To our knowledge, the competing theories don't even come close to that high of

a percentage. Both players and Equipment Managers are in agreement that

the Pro Skate Balance system works. One system for you and your team that is a proven winner.


The Pro Skate-Balance theory isn't only for the professional hockey player. This method was test marketed to the general public in Raleigh, NC in late 2004 and

early 2005. Over 300 recreational hockey players (men and women of all ages)

had their skates balanced. The respondents to our survey indicated that nearly100% of these amateur skaters noticed an improvement in the "feel" of their skates. Whether you are a professional or a recreational skater, the Pro Skate-Balance method can improve your game!

To see more success stories, click here. (Flash required)

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